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The Monster Prince


The Monster Prince was, until recently, an unremarkable flux entity living in the Wyldewode. However, following the events of The Way Through The Woods, he has become… a little more real.

He came into being as the fourth iteration of a rumour surrounding the supposed death of Mirabelle Greenglade, following Phileas Grinning's adaptation of the story in “Tales of the Wyldewode”. In Grinning's account, the Monster Prince was a lonely recluse, locked up in a castle in the middle of the woods, awaiting his one true love with only a large group of servants for company. The story went that, if a virtuous peasant could ever find it in their heart to marry him, his curse would be broken and he would be restored from his monstrous form.

In The Way Through The Woods, a group of adventurers saw him wed to one of his flux servants, a groom who had secretly been harbouring feelings for him. While the union transformed him into a handsome prince, he was also inadvertantly made more “real” by Bartholomew Banks, who, discovering a wilted rose in a hidden room, invoked the power of the Tender to cause it to sprout into a healthy-looking bush. The long-term effects of the Prince's reification are yet to be fully understood, but it seems that he is now able to retain a consistent memories without “resetting” like other flux entities. His servants, however, are constantly amazed to find him human again, and his husband keeps forgetting that they are married. The Monster Prince now feels more of a monster than before….

In Written on the Leaves, the Nix offered him a way out of his predicament, as the Hero of a repeating narrative called the Monomyth, fashioned out of the Yarn. In his role as Hero, the Monster Prince was able to forget his life outside the story. However, when a group of adventurers convinced him to help them deconstruct the Monomyth, the Monster Prince was plunged back into the Wyldewode - and, worse still, handed to the Wayfinders' Guild for experimentation. He is currently being held in a secure facility in the flux outside Acryn.


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