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Across the sea, south of Caul, is the island Nation of Concerto. Ruled over by Queen Aria. The nation's most notable feature is its highly efficient criminal justice system. The nation's military and police forces are principally served by magical stone statues who are unquestioningly loyal to the Queen. In the past the legal system was handled through summary justice and the queen's dictate, but since her return she has set up a series of courts where the public can see the justice system in action. Many of the judges have been recruited from among Acryn's lawyers. The system is still being developed, but has the concepts of proof-of-crime and public oversight at its core. The strangest part of the system from the point of view of outsiders is their equivalent to a death sentence, the criminal's memory is rewritten so that they believe that they committed a terrible crime and sincerely wish to redeem themselves, then the criminal's soul is transferred from their body into that of a stone guardian to serve as part of the nations police force.

Since contact with the rest of the world has been re-established a foreign quarter has been established near the docks. The largest of these buildings is the Strossborg embassy, although the Acryn and Caul embassies are also impressive buildings. A number of trading estates have been set up, with the Graves and Terrec buildings close to the Acryn embassy but on opposite sides. A small “temple district” has also been set up, each building is a small and simple building with no ornamentation on the street itself. Priests operating in these buildings have been vetted by Queen Aria herself and while they are allowed to offer services to anyone who chooses to seek them out, they are strictly banned from proselytising outside of the temples or to people who have not sought them out. At this stage, temples to the Lord of the Rock, The Tender, The Warrior, The Builder, and the Leader exist. The other Acryn institution which seems to have done well in the new city is the Post Office, which has a large office in the foreign quarter, a small building in the Castle, and a dedicated pier in the docks.

Neither foreigners or citizens are allowed to carry weapons within the nation. Knives are allowed for self-defence, and citizens may apply for permits to carry tools necessary for their work which could double as an offensive weapon (hammers, axes, and similar). It is noticable that foreigners (who may be more used to being able to carry weapons) often become skilled knife wielders during their time in Concerto.

OC Note: Queen Aria is a blessed champion of the Traitor. Each of the priests in the temples are Traitor priests. The postal service offices are also run by the Traitor cult.


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