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Liarus, the city where the setting moon passes the horizon. If you continue west along the trading roads, Savannah gives way to scrubland, and just as the first hints of desert begin to creep in, you will find yourself at the river of Trantia (flowing down from the lakelands to the southern shore of the continent) and the city of Liarus, gateway to the great central desert. Stretching westwards and south, the central desert was ever a major obstacle to the conduct of trade across the continent – not a complete impediment, but enough to make western wines and finery valuable trade goods on this side, and the artifice and knowledge of Acryn and neighbours valuable on the other. Liarus acts as the staging point for travellers entering the desert on this side, and a relief for those travelling from the other. Since the city sits upon the road that forms the shortest crossing of the desert, even travellers from the north-west and south would often come here before attempting a crossing, the routes from nearer their homes to challenging for all but the hardiest of traders. Since the Upheaval, this has been even more so – the great road forms the only consensus route across the desert, and any other passage is suicide without a wayfinder, and dangerous with all but the very best. The conflux of traders from across the continent means that this is a place where anything can be purchased, and it also acts as something of a hub of diplomacy, with great embassies from all the powerful cities of the continent. On a hill in its center lies the Axia, a great stone on which are drawn the symbols of Aetheyta, a place of great pilgrimage, and a vital part of the city’s success - for a stream of cool water constantly flows from its base, giving life to the city.


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