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To the north-west, at intersection of the Great River and the colossal lake Miquil sits the city of Margush, the most powerful settlement of the lakelands proper. Unlike Acryn, the towns and villages nearby are not technically subjects, but many are dependant on Margush as a trading hub, where the game and fish harvested from the forests and lakes can be placed on a boat to Acryn, or sent westwards upon a different channel. Enormous amounts of wealth pass into the hands of the greatest merchants in name, and in the summer the lake itself is covered in the pleasure barges and skiffs of the great and good, hosting lavish parties and entertaining business clients. Due to the proliferation of these, the tendency over time has been for fishing to be the primary source of food in the winter, and hunting to provide for the summer, also useful for allowing stocks to replenish. A great tradition of crafting has evolved in the lakelands to provide the showy luxuries demanded by the rich, and trade in these to Acryn is considerable.

The Upheaval has had very polarised effects on the two geographies of the lakelands. The great lakes themselves have been largely unaffected, as vistas across the whole of them are easily visible from the taller buildings of the towns and cities. The forests, on the other hand, have become distinctly treacherous, it being very difficult to identify where consensus ends and flux begins. The Wayfinders guild has established an office here, and while it does not have the same monopoly on the talent it does in Acryn, it nevertheless does exceptionally well in the market.


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