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Vulstragorn's Cube


This mysterious structure is a vast cube of green jade-like material that simply appeared several months ago in the warehouse district, crushing many other buildings in the process. It is covered in beautiful carvings of winged serpents that seem to change position whenever the viewer looks away. Academics from the colleges can often be seen prodding it with a variety of instruments and mages claim that it radiates a powerful magical aura.

Unknown to most, the cube is a pocket universe created by the Archmage Vulstragorn some three hundred years ago, in which he sequestered his consciousness. Originally a small puzzle box, after being infected by a Draconic Curse by Rowan Darrish it swelled to its current monstrous proportions.

More recently a couple of mages were able to purge the cube of the Draconic curse and rescue Vulstragorn from his madness. This done the cube has returned to the size of a small puzzle box and is now housed in the College of the Stars.


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