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Traitor Priest

Calling upon the power of the Traitor

Needless to say, calling upon the power of the traitor is less obvious to the average onlooker than with the other gods of Acryn. There are two choices here: the first is to call upon something else (it is entirely possible to call upon other gods or pretend to be calling upon magical powers), the other is keep up a tyrade or monologue. The important thing is that you maintain a relatively constant stream of words at above speaking volume. Actually calling upon the Traitor is usually reserved for suicide missions.

Core Skills

Class Feature - Miracles and the Gaze of the Gods, Soul Pact

Through bringing the gaze of their gods upon themselves, priests can invoke miraculous powers that can both turn the tide of a battle or achieve great wonders outside one. In order to invoke miracles a priest requires some amount of divine attention. Four times per adventure, priests can gain the Gaze of their god, allowing them to work any number of miracles in an encounter. In addition to this, ranks of the divine favour skill allow priests to work a limited number of specific miracles in every encounter. In both cases, invoking material requires a certain duration of religious roleplaying (chanting, praying etc.) before the effect occurs. This does not hinder the priest in any way save the distraction of trying to chant while fighting.

You may buy any number of miracles at each level on the tree, but each costs a skill point. You must have at least one Miracle from a level before you buy a miracle from the next.

Additionally, you get the first level of Divine Aura for free.

Soul Pact

As of Oblitus Mundi, all priests and those with Divine Favour need to be blessed by either their god or a priest who has been blessed by their god in order to bind their soul to that source of power. This is a free feature of being a Priest or having a Divine Favour and metaphysically ties your soul to another being. You should note who has blessed you with this pact. Without this pact, you will be unable to use miracles of your god.

If you acquire multiple Soul Pacts for some reason, please note this to the LARPO who will provide you with additional effects.

Light Armour Swiftness

+1 dodge while in light armour.

Light Armour Training

Gain the listed amount of extra hits while in light armour.


Gain two extra body hits.

Blessed Regeneration

Once per adventure, when you fall over through falling to 0 body hits, you may stand up ten seconds later on full body hits as your god re-invigorates you.

Holy Fervour

Whenever you are reduced to 0 body hits, you may continue fighting for 5 seconds before falling unconscious. Ignore any additional damage you take during this time (effect calls still affect you).

Divine Favour

When you purchase this skill, you also gain any one Miracle skill you could purchase of this skill’s level or lower. In addition to being able to use that miracle while channeling the power of your god, you may always use it ONCE per encounter. You still need to perform the appropriate amount of religious roleplay.


Once per adventure, you may use any one miracle you know of level four of lower without preparation time.

Improved Divine Aura

Double the effect of your Divine Aura. In addition, you may invoke a miracle of up to level 2 once per adventure while not under the Gaze of the Gods. This is on top of the Level 1 miracle your initial aura granted you.

Touch of Divinity

You are infused with some of the power of your god. When acting in support of your god’s purview, people and things around you will be affected by this - a Tender priest who works a field will get slightly better results than a lay person, and soldiers will snap off salutes all the more smartly when a leader priest calls them to attention. Once per adventure you can attempt to channel slightly more of this power to achieve a minor boon within your god’s purview, such as a warrior priest blessing a weapon to strike true against a terrible beast, or a builder priest marshalling a team to put up a fortification in hours. This should have a mechanical effect at GM discretion, roughly on the level of granting the effects of a blessed weapon to 2-3 members of the party for an encounter. However, if your god does not approve of the miracle you attempt to call in, it is likely to fail.

You can also sense the flow of divine power, and by concentrating on someone will be able to tell if they are a priest. If you encounter someone with Personal Power, or who is a god, you will be able to tell without concentration.


Once per an adventure, with 15 seconds role play, you can pull down a great chunk of your god’s power to achieve something potent within their purview once per adventure. As long as the miracle falls within your god’s purview, it will come to pass, even if your god does not approve of the precise decision taken - though this can have consequences down the line.

This miracle has the following limits: it may not permanently alter the flux and the miracle cannot affect peoples knowledge or beliefs. The miracle will usually be more impressive/far-reaching with more worshippers of the god present. You may tell the GM what you are intending, but the exact effects will be determined by the GM.


You have a congregation to which you regularly preach. Tithes and donations provide you with an additional 9R between adventures. In terms of mechanic, this congregation is a small resource, but does not count towards the total number of resources you may have. You may choose to invest money in your congregation to upgrade it, at which point it does count towards your total number of resources. You should use the table below for upgrading your congregation. Upgrading you congregation follows the usual upgrade rules. Upgrading the congregation does not cost any skill points.

Name Level Type Cost Rules
Small Congregation1NANATithes and donations provide you with an additional 9R between adventures.
Medium Congregation3NA136RTithes and donations provide you with an additional 18R between adventures. Once per adventure, you can call on your congregation to achieve a small appropriate task off-screen, such as tailing a suspect or distracting a unit of guards.
Small Church4NA320RTithes and donations provide you with an additional 27R between adventures. You have a reasonable standing in your church and some sway over your congregation. You can call on them once per adventure to achieve reasonable off-screen tasks (searching for a piece of information, staging a protest or riot). You have the resources to bless items, weapons, and armour as per the Holy Crusader “Blessed Weapon” skill (one per adventure).
Large Church5NA520RTithes and donations provide you with an additional 36R between adventures. You have a good standing in your church and great sway over your congregation. You can call on them once per adventure to achieve reasonable off-screen tasks (searching for a piece of information, staging a protest or riot). You have the resources to bless items, weapons, and armour as per the Holy Crusader “Blessed Weapon” skill (one per adventure). If you have the church backing skill it now extends to Superior Weapons. Additionaly: You may hold a special extended ceremony to lay a permanent blessing upon an individual who fights for your church as a champion, this is a BIG DEAL, and is likely to end badly for you if your champion ever violates the strictures of the church or does something which the Church seniors disagree with. This is the same ceremony conducted on Level 4 Holy Crusaders, although the exact effects are likely to be different.

Church Backing

Your church views you as a valuable priest and member, and will provide you with any standard equipment you request (within reason). This also provides additional benefits in situations where the church’s influence could be useful.


You are one of the leaders of your church. This provides major influence within the city, and other effects at GM discretion.

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Traitor Specific Skills

Divine Aura

The allies of the priest gain a minor benefit due to their devotion. In addition, your faith allows you to invoke any one level 1 Miracle you know once per adventure even when not under the Gaze of the Gods.

The traitor allows you to simulate the divine aura of one of the other gods of Acryn. You may use that god's divine aura at a level equal to the level you have bought the divine aura skill at.

Note: the god being simulated must be the same across all skills which replicate another type of Priest's abilities, and the god must be a god of Acryn.

Divine Majesty

The priests aura further improves, granting the Divine Majesty effects from the God being simulated by divine aura, and allowing them to invoke a miracle of up to level 4 once per adventure while not under the Gaze of the Gods.

Traitor's Cloak

Once per an adventure you can convince someone that you are their trusted subordinate. Assuming that you do not do anything to violate their trust, this will persist. This will not last over an extended period of time unless you put a lot of effort into maintaining the illusion.

Use Dagger

You may add THROUGH to your base damage with a dagger.

Dagger Mastery 1

You gain one dodge while fighting with a dagger in either hand.

Dagger Mastery 2

You may call DOUBLE THROUGH with daggers.

Dagger Talent 1

You gain Two REND calls while fighting with a dagger in either hand. If you fight with a melee dagger in each hand, you gain this effect for both.


You have basic criminal talents, such as lockpicking or sneaking past a sleepy guard at night.


If you spend five seconds uninterrupted in close proximity to another person without them paying attention to you, you may tell a GM and you will have stolen something from their pockets.


You are exquisitely skilled at striking deadly blows on unprepared targets. If you strike a blow on someone from behind with a dagger without them noticing you before the blow struck, you may call BACKSTAB QUAD THROUGH.


You have a basic understanding of the channels of power, and can usually find out who you need to speak to to address an issue in a new area.

Fast Talk

You’re good at spinning tales, which people tend to listen to. As long as full blown combat is not in progress, you can, once per encounter, say “Just hear me out” and follow it with up to thirty seconds of talking. If you do, intelligent creatures will always listen to the end before kicking anything off, giving you a chance to give your side of the story (or for your three mates to sneak up on them).


Once per encounter, you can say “Look behind you!” to a monster. If they are intelligent, they should stop where they are and look behind them for a few seconds, giving you either a chance to scarper or backstab them.


You are adept at putting together a disguise to cover your looks.


Level 1

Always the Correct Path

60 Second Meditation (requires quiet contemplation rather than chants)
You may propose a course of action to the Traitor either yourself or on the behalf of a group of willing collaborators. Upon using this miracle you and your collaborators will believe the course of action must either achieved or opposed at any cost, and in spite of any further evidence to the contrary. If the outcome is sufficiently important to the Traitor then a temporary blessing may be provided to help achieve (or oppose) it, this is extremely rare but more common with larger cabals. All collaborators must understand that this is a religious rite which may change their beliefs, and be willing to participate in it.

Weak Point

10 Seconds
You may add +1 damage and the REND effect as a backstab to a strike delivered in the current encounter. You may apply this effect to yourself or another, but no-one can have more than one of these prepared at once. E.g., if your base damage is DOUBLE then you may call BACKSTAB TRIPLE REND. Note that this follows the usual rules for backstab and may be taken as a single if the target saw it coming.

Glove of the Poisoner

30 Seconds
You may ready a call for delivery by supernatural means. After you have used this ability, a call that you could have made (via any means) is used up. Instead, you gain the ability to release the call via friendly physical contact (a handshake, touching another's shoulder, etc). You CANNOT release the call in combat. You CANNOT have more than one stored call at a time, using this miracle again before you have used the stored call will result in the call being lost. With an instant effect like REND it will be immediately obvious that you are responsible for what has happened, but with longer term effects like poison it is often possible to completely avoid detection while delivering the effect.
A common use of this ability is to alchemically poison a weapon, so that the poison can then be delivered by handshake upon meeting the target.

Another's Miracle

You may purchase and use a level 1 Miracle from one of the other gods of Acryn. The god must be the same one as your divine aura skill and any other abilities which replicate another type of priests power.

Level 2

Playing Dead

15 Seconds
You may sequester part of your life away for safe keeping. When using this ability choose how many body hits you are sequestering away, your current and maximum body hits drop by this amount. You may choose to restore these body hits at any time (so long as you have not bled to death). This can be used to trick an enemy into believing you are near-death, but is usually used as a safety-net against bleeding to death.

Deeds by Candlelight

20 Seconds
Your next Miracle (of level 4 or lower) may be accessed with a whispered prayer to the Traitor. This must follow all other restrictions of the miracle, must be uttered loudly enough that someone standing next to you could hear it, and must directly call upon the Traitors name. You may only have one of these prepared at a time.

Another's Miracle

You may purchase and use a level 2 Miracle from one of the other gods of Acryn. The god must be the same one as your divine aura skill and any other abilities which replicate another type of priests power.

Level 3

Helping Hand

20 Seconds

Gain one use of BACKSTAB SINGLE WEAKEN at range.

You may need to make the following clarification at the beginning of any adventure in which you are playing: when a ranged call includes the BACKSTAB keyword, for the adjudication of ranged backstab, if you were looking in the direction of the caster then this ability works fully. If you were looking away from the caster then you can assume you “expected” the call and take a single.

Sight Unseen

30 Seconds

An unresisting target forgets up to the last hour of events, at the caster's discretion.

Alternatively, the caster may choose to shield someone from the repercussions of an action by taking the blame. When doing this, the period which may be altered increases to the past week. The caster does not have any control over exactly what the target will remember. Only that the one they wish to shield will be forgotten and the target will remember the caster doing a number of heinous actions (which may or may not be the act the caster is performing the miracle to shield). Evidence will tend to support the memories of the target.

Barricade Unbarred

30 Seconds

Your passage cannot be prevented. By using this miracle you ensure that the target can pass once through an aperture designed to be entered (such as a doorway or gate), even if it has been locked or barricaded.

Another's Miracle

You may purchase and use a level 3 Miracle from one of the other gods of Acryn. The god must be the same one as your divine aura skill and any other abilities which replicate another type of priests power.

Level 4


15 Seconds

During the next 10 seconds you may not use any offensive calls or abilities and MUST fight defensively. During this period you may resist all damage and offensive calls.

This is not how it ends

5 Seconds

Some people are more important than others.

Should you need to, you may take on any debilitating condition that might otherwise prevent someone from doing their duty, including recent death. Any and all debilitating conditions (as selected by the caster) are immediately removed from the target and applied to the caster. This can also be used to remove minor wounds from others (call HEAL X up to your current hit points, taking all those hits yourself).

Another's Miracle

You may purchase and use a level 4 Miracle from one of the other gods of Acryn. The god must be the same one as your divine aura skill and any other abilities which replicate another type of priests power.

Level 5

For those greater than I

10 Seconds

You select a target (who is not you) and call a time freeze, in order to explain the effect below.

Authority boils off the target in waves. It is difficult for anyone to deny them. The target themselves is filled with confidence and a desire to do what is just. Use of this ability immediately ends you use of Gaze of the Gods.

The target may use the call 'You dare not strike me'; as long as they take no action that would harm another while moving slowly and purposefully, none will dare strike them. The moment you take any violent action, wield a weapon, or move rapidly the effect ends.

Should the target engage in violence, anyone attempting to strike the target will be WEAKENED for the purposes of making calls against them, even if they were STRENGTHENED. This only applies to calls made against the target.

30 Seconds

The Traitor's power shrouds you from the sight of others. You gain a dodge, and may use the rules below when using the dodge. You may not have more than one of these prepared at one time.

  • When you use the dodge you may immediately follow the call with a “DISAPPEARING” call and put your fingers up to indicate you are OC.
    • You may choose to use this dodge to do this even if you were not struck.
  • You then have 5 seconds to relocate your position in the fight. You may only position yourself in places you can easily get to and may not ask people to make way for you.
  • You must then call “APPEARING” and drop your fingers to indicate that you are now IC again.
  • You may choose to do this earlier if you wish
  • You cannot be struck during this time.
  • You may not attack during this time.
  • You may still treat anything you witness as having been witnessed by your character.

This ruleset represents a supernatural effect hiding you from others. It does not represent true invisibility or teleportation.

You must explain these additional calls at the beginning of any adventure which you are playing.

Swan Song

20 Seconds

Gain a single use of POISON, which can be delivered via any weapon you are using. The poison's effects will be dependant on whether the poison contacted flesh and the target's standing in the eyes of the Traitor. Using this ability on the undeserving WILL have consequences upon the caster (GM discretion).

This may also be used as a retirement option:

  • Gain POISON against your Target.
  • Gain 10 dodges against everyone else.
  • Gain Strengthen against everyone else.
  • Gain 1 use of MASS STRIKEDOWN PARTY.

All of these effects immediately cease when you have successfully struck a poisoned blow against your target. The target will quickly weaken over the following day, before dying. This cannot be prevented through any method.

Your mind will immediately be lost, the reason that you committed the act will be replaced in your mind with money, vengeance, or some sort of political strike against Acryn. No matter what method you use to escape, your body or plans will betray you. Events will conspire to ensure that you are quickly arrested, then executed or imprisoned for life. Your rantings will become ever more villainous. You will no longer remember the cult of the Traitor or you will remember it as an evil cult with only one aim: the destruction of Acryn.

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