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Irene Goldcrest


Irene isn't someone you might call a “people's person”. Quite the opposite, in fact, but it's hard to blame her, when things like “people” and “money”, and “ politics ” are at the very bottom of her list of concerns.

She has grown up in the forests on the northern slopes of the Bluepeak Mountains, with the canopy of leaves being the roof over her head and the moss-covered glades serving as her bedrooms. As a kid, she was taken care of by an old trapper, living relatively close to the settlement of Leafshade, but they were still considered outsiders. He taught her how to hunt and make snares, how to heal with herbs, dress wounds and find edible berries and mushrooms, and then one day he left their small well-hidden hut to never come back. Irene missed him, but if the forest demanded him gone, she had to comply. For her, the laws of nature trumped any laws established by men.

Following the Upheaval, her beloved woods became much less welcoming than they once were, and even someone as familiar with them as she was found then dangerous. The hamlet of Leafshade was regularly attacked by Flux wolves and it struggled to defend itself from the feral creatures. Irene felt no attachment to the people living there, and any forest was a home to her, so she set off south towards Caul.

She soon discovered that there was a reasonably high demand for fur, leather, horns and antlers, and found a good (albeit not entirely legal) use for her skills. Initially the idea of getting gold pieces in exchange for materials was strange to her, but she learnt to view coins more as a tool than useless shinies, and adjusted quickly. She picked new skills from the craftsmen who were buying the materials from her; she learnt how to work with wood and leather, obtained better tools and weapons, but living that close to the city was draining her energy and she longed for a life away from the stone and brick walls.

Becoming a guide was the best compromise she found. There was an even greater demand for caravan guards and guides than for hunters and trappers, or at least that was her luck. She travelled the road between Caul and Acryn a couple of times, paid a visit to Margush (enjoyed her time in the forests in the North). She learnt to love plains and swamps, rocky mountains and dry savannahs almost as much as woods. Only cities never grew on her.

As she gained experience and better equipment, and heard more tales about daring adventures who willingly went into the Flux to rediscover now strange locations, she decided that it is exactly the kind of life she wants to live.


Class: Skirmisher

Background #1: Craft

Background #2: First Aid

Combat Path: Hunter

Weapon Background: Axe (?)

Skirmisher Skills:

Level 1:

  • Survivalist
  • Nimble
  • Use Dagger
  • Tough

Level 2:

  • Main Gauche Swiftness
  • Dagger Talent 1
  • Dagger Mastery 1
  • Using the Land

Background Skills:

Level 1:

  • Emergency Aid

Level 2:

  • Patch up

Combat Path Skills:

Level 1:

  • Experienced Hunter (free)

Level 2:

  • Maiming shot

Exp used: 11/11

HP: 7+2

Gold: 165 Riel


  • axe
  • dagger
  • dagger (superior)
  • throwing daggers
  • light armour
  • 10 m of rope
  • Potions:
    • Plug the Flow of Life #2 x3
    • Plug the Flow of Life #1 x12
    • Nightsight x1


  • SINGLE (main hand)
  • SINGLE THROUGH (dagger)
  • DOUBLE x2
  • AGILITY x1
  • DODGE x2 (x3 if in terrain)
  • WEAKEN x2
  • REND x2
  • HEAL 1 (to character on 0HP)
  • HEAL 6 (x3 without weakening)


Irene's skin looks a little greenish and her features appear slightly blurred, bringing to mind a person's reflection in a pond of water.


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