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Cleo Leora FitzGraves


From the second Cleo was born from the hands of a whore she was fashioned into a weapon. All her energy and focus is to finish her training once-and-for-all and to actually become her destiny. This notion of power and inferiority has played with her head enough to cause chaos. She's better than everyon- She's nothing but scraps.

Always quiet and careful with her steps (or words), except when she forgets herself and starts commanding. Has no regard for life what-so-ever, enjoys using any power she has: which normally means killing or torturing.


Class: Journeyman

Specialisation: Alchemy - Infused

Background #1: Thief

Background #2: Assassin


  • Mix Potion 1: Burst of Might
  • Mix Potion 2: Restoration of the Flesh
  • Advanced Mixing 1
  • Wealth 1
  • Tough
  • Tough
  • Well Travelled
  • Larceny
  • Light Armour Training 1
  • Backstab
  • Flanking

Potion Slots per adventure: 9 + 1 c class potions +1 d class potion

Money per adventure: 27r

Hits: 9+3

Damage: Singles with a weapon under 36in


  • 1xStandard Light Armour
  • 2xStandard Sword
  • 2xBurst of Might
  • 2xPotion of Might
  • 3xRage
  • 1xSoul Strengthen
  • 12xRestoration of the Flesh
  • 1xLimb Drop Paste
  • 2xSleep of Death Paste
  • 1xVeil
  • 1xSticky Sap
  • 3xGranades
  • 1xAlchemic Light
  • 2x10m Rope

Money in Purse: 100r


  • A Shore Thing
  • Those Turbulent Priests
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