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Talia Cargan


You’re a young member of House Cargan currently being trained by your Uncle Walter (though really he’s more like your 3rd cousin twice removed) for taking a position on the city council. You’ve been taught proper social decorum, and how to handle politics, and have generally a good grasp on noble affairs, but what you really pine for is adventure.

So, when Walter was after someone to go and represent himself, Duke Corlo Graves, and act as a messenger to the Council, you were all too eager to volunteer. You packed your belongings and were about to head on your way when your Uncle pointed out you don’t even know which way to hold a sword and packed you off to be escorted by the Cargans’ private army: the Circle of the Broken Wing. There you met Jenny Price, a young recruit who started off by teaching you some basic combat skills, but the chemistry was obvious. You hit it off, but are both painfully aware that Uncle Walter would seriously disapprove of any relationship between his up and coming Cargan and a mercenary. But, still, times they are a-changing. Anything can happen, right?

Talia is a young noble from a minor branch of the Cargan family who, having tasted adventure in events surrounding the defeat of Frederick Dines, has decided that she can do this for herself. Now able to hold a sword (though not much else at the same time) she


  • Third Level


Class: Fighter (Dashing Swordsman)

Background #1: Noble

Background #2: Diplomat


Level 1

  • Tough
  • Medium Armour Use
  • Use Weapon: Rapier
  • Noble Wealth
  • Diplomacy
  • Free: Signature Move (Attaches a note to their clothing, contents of note varies but is signed from Talia Cargan)

Level 2

  • Weapon Potency
  • Connections: House Cargan
  • Single Handed Focus
  • Weapon Finesse
  • Medium Armour Training


Single Through


Per Adventure

Per Encounter

At Will/Under Certain Circumstances


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