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Species: Dog

One of James Walker's earlier experiments, Alfie is the beloved pet of Amelia Walker (new NPC) - younger, precocious cousin to James Walker. Alfie was ensouled at Amelia's frequent, insistent, and constant requests when she found out about her cousin's experiments and wanted a better pet than her friends.

She quickly tired of having an overly enthusiastic companion around constantly (a situation which James was oddly unsympathetic about), who she couldn't even show off properly because her cousin had sworn her to secrecy, so figured she might as well indulge Alfie's desire to go out and see the world and make new friends. His first stop was the local Tender church, who ADORED him and fussed over him incessantly, as well as teaching some useful skills.

The Clockmakers are unaware of Alfie's existence. They probably wouldn't be too happy that this clearly conscious dog made by the same person as their clearly not-conscious golems is wandering around.



Background #1: Very Do(d)ge (very tough)

Background #2: 2 Weapon Fighting

Quirks: No Hands, Unusually Small

Level 1

  • Ambidex
  • Divine Favour 1 (Healing Light)
  • Emergency Aid
  • Tough
  • Tough

Level 2

  • Resuscitate
  • Patch Up
  • Miracle (Healing Wave)
  • Improved Divine Aura
  • Tough

Miracles (4x Gaze)

  • 1 - Healing Light (10s, HEAL 2 - DIVINE FAVOUR)
  • 2 - Healing Wave (10s, MASS PARTY HEAL 1)


  • Standard Light
  • Superior Claws (+1 damage 1/encounter)
  • 36R


3+2, 2 dodges (7xp) or 3+3, 4 dodges (10 xp)

Can use dodges to “roll” with ranged effects - ignoring damage but not effect.

Encounter calls:

  • +1 damage
  • Healing Light

Adventure calls:

  • Level 1 miracle
  • Level 1 or 2 miracle


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