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Ozymandias Poon


A man who believes the world is intrinsically a good place and that people are fundamentally nice. He has come to conclusion that if you're going to worship anything you should probably worship the creators of the universe and so has started-up Acryn's first Dragon Cult (that doesn't require you to wear black robes and laugh manically). It holds prayer meetings every tuesday with free biscuits and tea.


Class: Journeyman

Background #1: Medium Shield Usage

Background #2: Hammers


  • (Free) Skill focus -Healing Hands
  • Well travelled
  • Journeyman Knowledge - Dragons
  • Wealth 1
  • Emergency Aid
  • Patch-up
  • Resuscitate
  • Medium Shield Use
  • Use Weapon (Hammer)


  • 1x Standard Hammer
  • 1x Standard Shield
  • 47 Riel
  • 1x Skull from beyond time and space


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