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Hod of House Terrec

Player: Jenny Witts


Hod grew up working for house Terrec, she was still in training as a bodyguard when Tamburlaine decided he was leaving, and she chose to leave with him rather than continue training. It was only on leaving Acryn for the first time with Tamburlaine that Hod realised she had a decent sense of direction even within the Flux and she was capable of becoming a Wayfinder, still, keeping Tam alive is a far more important and immediate concern.


Class: Wayfinder
Background #1: Medium Shield Use
Background #2: Bounty Hunter


Level 1

  • Medium Shield Use
  • Subdual
  • Find the Path
  • Lash Out
  • Inertial Barrier
  • Tough
  • Know the Flux's Touch

Level 2

  • Repair the Form

Experience: 7/7


Body Hits: 7
Armour Hits: 2


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