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Arianna Terrec - DEAD


Arianna Terrec is a rebel - or at least that's how she thinks of herself. Well versed as she is in the ways of a noble, always remembering her P's and Q's in polite company though be it with a roll of her eyes, the young Terrec has always had a yearning for adventure, excitement - none of this boring business and politics and socializing.

Being the 3rd of 4 children born to her parent's, Matthias and Arabella Terrec, she is often held to the high standard of her older siblings and expected to continue the line of excellent role-models for her younger sister. However, even at a young age, Arianna showed signs of dissatisfaction with her strict life and her parents pressed her into priest hood in the hopes it would give her guidance and structure.

It worked for a while, the charitable work associated with Tender's teachings molding her into a kind soul who very much believes in helping others who can not help themselves. But, a truly wild spirit can never be tamed for long and it was only a few years before Arianna felt the true pull of adventure.

So, whenever she has the chance Arianna slips away from her duties and frequents taverns and gaming dens accompanied by her rag tag group of miscreants, whom only know her as Amadine. Singing songs, drinking, getting into as much (harmless) trouble as possible, she gets her fill of fun on long evenings stolen away from her noble home. It is on one of these long nights that she spots her first adventuring poster….

Hits: 7+2
Level: 2
EXP: 8/8


Class: Tender Priest

Background #1: Nobility

Background #2: Thief

Income: 27 Reil

Additional Trees Access

None :(


Divine Aura

Level 1

  • Tough
  • Divine Favour (On Healing Light)
  • Wealth
  • Larceny
  • Emergency Aid

Level 2

  • Improved Divine Aura


Level 1

  • Healing Light
  • Geyser of Fertility

Level 2

  • Healing Wave


  • Gang of Hoodlums

Negative Effects

None :D

Additional Quirks

None :|


Riel: 8
Potions: 0


  • Standard Light Armour
  • Standard Dagger


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