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Hailee Glass



“The Tender is my mother, the church, my father. My only wish in life is to repay them the kindness they've shown me.”

Hailee Glass never knew her real parents, abandoned on the door step of a church in east Acryn. A week later a suitable family was found and little Hailee was all set for a life of a fisherman's daughter. The tragic loss of her not-quite father at sea the day before her adoption rather put a spanner in the works and by that point, Father Edward Glass had gotten rather attached to the young babe. With no wife, but the want for a child of his own, it was decided he would be Hailee's ward.

Most of Hailee's young childhood was spent aiding her warden in his duties as a priest and learning the Tenders teachings. She had little other education, though being the quiet kind she listened and quickly learnt the power of words and how to use them. With no real other prospects in her life and nothing but love for the Tender in her heart and a desire to help others - it came as no surprise to anyone that come her 18th birthday, Hailee chose to join the priesthood.

For many years to come she continued to aid Father Glass in his duties and watched as a slowly increasing number of adventurers found their way in the door in see of medical attention. Hailee broached the topic of aiding adventurers in the field with Father Glass and it was with a broad smile that he happily helped his ward train in the use of heavy Armour to protect her from the dangers outside the safety of the church walls.

And that's how Hailee became an adventurer.

Basic Stats

Class: Tender Priest

Background #1: Heavy Armour
Background #2: Diplomat

Hits: 5+6
Income: 9 Reil

Level: 2
EXP: 7/7


Basic Skills

Level 1

  • Heavy Armour Use
  • Divine Favour 1 (On Healing Light)
  • Emergency Aid
  • Large Shield Use
  • Diplomacy
  • Divine Aura

Level 2

  • Patch Up


Level 1

  • Healing Light

Level 2

  • Healing Wave

Negative Effects/Addictions

None :D

Additional Quirks

None :|


Riel: 8
Potions: 11

  • Rage x 2
  • Stone-skin x 3
  • Plug the Flow of Life (Set of 3) x 2


  • Standard 36“ Sword
  • Standard Large Shield
  • Standard Heavy Armour


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