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Tamburlaine Terrec

Player: James Bates


Younger cousin to Tabitha Terrec, Tamberlaine is a seventeen year old priest and healer in training. When he and Tabitha were young children, they promised each other that they would become adventurers together, never spill blood, and defend the innocent for the rest of their lives. At the point Tabby became an adventurer, Tamburlain lobbied his parents to allow him to do the same, but they were inexplicably overprotective, and wouldn't let him. So, he's run away from home with his loyal bodyguard, Hod.

As of The Cough: Being sheltered by the Graves-Cargan-Graves, from a) his loving family, and b) the Wayfinders' Guild. In exchange for the least useful indeterminate future favour ever.


Class: Tender Priest
Background #1: Nobility/Merchant
Background #2: Doctor


Divine aura
Level 1

  • Divine Favour 1
  • Medical Knowledge
  • Healing Light
  • Geyser
  • Emergency Aid

Level 2

  • Patch Up
  • Stay the Claw
  • Convalescence

Experience: 7/7


Body Hits: 5
Armour Hits: 2


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