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Ellvar Longshadow


Born in one of the small rural villages outside the city Ellvar was a keen hunter and fisherman and quite a competetive outdoorsman. Following the upheaval, he braved the woodland and forests to bring in what game he could to feed those in need. He soon found the church of the Tender helping him in this task and he worked with them for two years supplying meat and fish to their food kitchens. Then unexectedly he felt a calling to a higher purpose and joined the church as an acolyte, with his woodland skills and humanitarian outlook he hopes to serve both the church, the city and people who need food and shelter to the best of his ability.


Class: Priest of the Tender

Background #1:Archery

Background #2: Survival

Level 3

XP total: 22

XP spent: 22


  • Use bow
  • Bow mastery 1 (dodge whilst holding a bow)
  • Bow talent 1 (Strike Down)
  • Bow mastery 2 (Triples)
  • Light armour training (+1 AC)
  • Light armour swiftness (dodge)
  • Light armour training 2 (+1AC)
  • Tough (+2 body hits)
  • Survivalist (1 dodge in basic terrain)
  • Using the land (1 entangle)
  • Guide (Whole party get a dodge and stacks with survivalist skills)
  • Congregation (+9 Riel between adventures)
  • Church Backing
  • Totem Spirit: Clawfiend (shapeshift gaining 1 REND for that encounter)
  • Shocking transformation (Mass fear)
  • Divine Favour 1 - Healing light (1/encounter 10s heal 2, one target)
  • Miracle: Geyser (20s, Fresh water spring)
  • Miracle: Healing wave (10s, mass heal 1)
  • Miracle: Convalescence (30s, remove disease)
  • Miracle: Wave of fertility (60s, all plant life ripens in 3 mins)
  • Divine Favour 2 – Healing touch (1/encounter 10s heal 1 by weapon blow 15s)
  • Improved Divine Aura (heal 2 at end of encounter, invoke level 1 or 2 miracle 1/adventure)

Hits 6+4

Dodges 4 bow talent, Light Ac swiftness, suvivalism and guide.

Damage triple strikedown(with bow)(1 Quad/encounter)


  • Superior Bow
  • Quiver of arrows
  • Standard sword
  • superior light armour
  • Waterproof tent
  • standard Dagger


  • Stoneskin x2
  • nightsight x 1
  • The veil

Cash: 25 Riel


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