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Alonso di Benedetti (Not active)


Legend has it that the founder of house di Benedetti was a notorious gentleman (or possibly gentlewoman) thief who used the proceeds of their ill-gotten gains to buy themselves a noble title some time in the early years of Acryn's existence. During the revolution the house was rendered destitute and driven to near extinction by in fighting. Alonso was the last descendent to be born to those members of the family that managed to survive by supporting the revolutionaries. By their time his parents had known nothing of the life of luxury that his ancestors had experienced and he was brought up in poverty. He fell in with a bad crowd and turned to a life of crime to survive, becoming known as a infamous scoundrel that preyed upon the wealthy. However over time he became overly cocky and decided to take on a prize that was far too big. He was caught trying to steal a heirloom ornamental rapier from Antonio Graves and was sentenced to spend the next two years in Acryn's gaols. He fell in to depression when he discovered the man he was supposed to be waiting for him had married someone else and likely he would have died in his cell had his life not been turned around by a sympathetic priestess of the Warrior, who visited him in prison and led him to find religion. Now he is a changed man, having found his faith and vowed to use his talents for the good of Acryn instead of personal gain. He is a pragmatically minded individual but appears to have turned away from his former selfishness and is known to the Civil Service as a man who can relied upon to get things done. In secret he also works as a wealth redistribution officer for Acryn's anarchist faction.



Background #1:Merchant

Background #2:Use Weapon: Mace

Class Skills

  • Traitor's Cloak
  • Divine Favour 1: Warrior's stamina
  • Use Dagger
  • Larceny

Merchant Skills

  • Wealth 1
  • Connections: Anarchists, Civil Service

Use Weapon Skills

  • Use Weapon: Mace


  • Standard mace
  • Standard Light armour
  • Standard dagger
  • 4x Restoration of the flesh
  • 1x Smoke bomb
  • 27 Riel + 40 towards a resource
  • Several Substandard daggers



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