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Clash of Kings

Initial Brief




The Leader falls and dissipates. Armand tells Ragnar to go ahead with the rite as agreed between them. After some argument, he begrudgingly agrees to utter: “No gods, no kings, only man”. After a while, Armand's epithet feels wrong, and like something has changed. Eventually the correct epithet comes to him: “Armand the Revolution”.

Ragnar's voice booms out across the gathered people: “The plans of the Leader have failed, your ruler is dead.” The armies slowly begin to realise that this is true and give themselves up. The battle is dying down..Alistair collects his sister’s body.

The party head out to find Viciona, but unfortunately discover that she died whilst they were dealing with Jocelyn and the Leader. The remains of Vicionia Cargan are found by Alistair’s men and returned to Acryn for a proper burial.

Lucian guides the party back to Acryn using a path that will avoid Julius Ravensfall. They return to the Council, and Armand gives a full report on what happened except for the Traitor part, pointing out that he played along with a plan to bring back a monarch, but put a stop to it. Julius Ravensfall and Corlo Graves are denounced as being royalists and now dislike the party. The party get paid 100 Riel.

On their return to Acryn Armand begins publishing pamphlets under his new guise and several anarchist groups start to flock to him. Alexander's printing press spreads the news and publicises the new purview and epithet of Armand, along with declaring his intention to become his high priest. Armand's printing press claims that he does not support stasis and heirarchy, and despite claims that he does not tolerate anarchy and still supports law and order, he now has something of an anarchist following.

Ragnar calls his congregation together, using a Miracle to spread the word of what happened and how the Leader was defeated by a man, to try to disestablish the Leader's influence on the Church and making people feel that the ideal Church of the Leader is not what the Leader thinks it should be. Whilst there is an unshakable core of faith in the Leader within the church, a number of people flock to that cause.

Lucian tracks down his stolen sword and finds it in the hands of a minor Darrish. He buys it back for 100 Riel.

Bartholomew returns to the village that he aided and sets himself up as their local Tender priest. He listens out for any word on the red-skinned people, but hears nothing. It transpires that they were taken by Ravensfall to Ghita Darrish and are now with the Circle of the Broken Wing.

Ragnar lobbies for one of his former protegees to take the Leader Church’s seat on the Council. This succeeds with some support from Marian Terrec and a shrugged pass from Armand- however the young woman is fiercely independent.

Armand goes to talk to Walter Cargan, offering support in his bid to be head of house. Walter states that he may not be the only candidate since Alastair will be making a bid of his own in the name of his ward. Armand uses all efforts to try to work in Walter's favour and to put down Alastair's efforts. He gets the impression that some outside influence is causing the house to collapse from the inside. With a bit of study, he identifies that it is a divine curse of some sort. Ultimately about 75% of the house recognise Walter as the head of the house.

Walter has the support of 3 of the 4 Cargan seats on the Council. The other Council seat is filled by Alistair Cargan on the back of his support in defeating his sister. Alistair claims his young ward is Vicionia’s illegitimate nephew and thus the rightful Duke. Although the Cargans are mostly behind Walter, Alistair has a core of support within the family. With Armand having annoyed Julius Ravensfall, a fair number of the Circle come out in support of Alistair. Worse yet, the Cargan-Graves alliance is becoming strained and Corlo Graves is refusing to recognise Walter as Duke Cargan.

Armand tracks down Marissa Finch, the anarchist from the village, who is now somewhat more keen on his new purview, and becomes his priest.

There is no clear sign from the Arcane Arbiter about what he thinks of his husband’s new domain but the Young God may well take action if his gaze is ever on Armand.



  • If you did not already possess it, gain the Damned Leader Quirk
  • 100 R


Is now the Revolution. New God powers TBA. Anyone who previously had Armand’s favour may choose to move the skills directly across to the new tree or reinvest any spent XP.


  • May not use his contacts House Graves until he has made amends with Corlo or Corlo is removed as Duke.
  • -100R to repurchase his rapier


136 R which must be put towards a congregation


Leader's Curse

The Leader is particularly enraged with Ragnar. As such, every encounter there will be one character who is IMMUNE to Ragnar's abilities. They will have a Raven upon their shoulder that only Ragnar can see. This character calls IMMUNE to any effect inflicted upon them by Ragnar except for raw weapon-delivered damage and will take a particular dislike to him.

This should be an NPC (from grunts to tougher enemies) chosen at random by the GMs and the level of dislike they experience should vary from dislike to beserker-style rage.

When the Raven sees that another PC particularly opposes Ragnar, it is likely to take up position on their shoulder until they no longer opposed him. If this occurs, the PC becomes IMMUNE to Ragnar's mental effect calls (including DOMINATE, FEAR, CEASE YOUR DECEPTIONS, and YOU DARE NOT STRIKE ME), gains 5 RESISTs to Ragnar's ranged abilities, and gains the following roleplay effect: you know that your opposition to Ragnar is earning you the approval of a powerful entity.

The GMs should be briefed on these effects at the start of any adventure Ragnar is on.

Theophillius Cargan

Transfers Owned: Vicionia Cargan to Owned: Alistair Cargan

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