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Love is a Battlefield

Initial Brief

Discreet and capable individuals of quality needed at assist with matters of the heart. Those interested should attend in the private room at the sign of the Clawfiend Rampant. The password is “Saffron”. Pay is 40 Riel a head


  • Colin Fletcher mk2 - Dave
  • Jade - Ellie
  • Felicity - Susannah
  • Xavier - Vicky


The party goes on through the night and the following morning Timothy Terrec pays them the promised 50R for their help, his assignation with Henry clearly going well decide the interruption. Felicity shows Timothy the jewelry that was provided by Jade and suggests that the Anomaly might have been stealing from its victims. Timothy is open to the suggestion that it might deserve a reward.

Xavier and Felicity agree to assist Lord Sebastian Darrish's hunt for the flux entity. Filled with a mix of despair and concern about what may really have happened Colin sets off home instead.

Meanwhile Jade speaks to the Masque and her new lover is persuaded to move closer to Acryn so they can continue their liaison. She shows it a quiet spot in the nearby woods for future trysts. With a sweet kiss of parting she heads back off towards civilisation, pleased to have a bit of romance in her life.

The hunters encounter Jade in the forest and she tells them that the anomaly has gone home to the mountains. They go to the castle and search it thoroughly, however the mirror maze is already collapsing and soon the whole structure is gone. Lord Sebastian's attempts to take credit for its destruction impressing no-one, though his servants clap enthusiastically nonetheless.

Back in town Timothy's jeweller confirms the ring as genuine. Perplexing as it was buried with his grandmother. After some firm haggling by Felicty the Terrec's offer a generous 40R as a reward for its recovery.

Back in Acryn Xavier attempts to write up his equation. He then promptly sends it on to the address provided by Frederick Dines as well as a number of Wayfinder supremacists within the Guild. Those who are not Scions of the Flux find themselves taken violently I'll when looking upon it, but the Scions find it makes a kind of uncomfortable sense.

Jade contacts fences to sell off her stolen loot and makes 70R from it. She passes on 30R to Felicity.

Some days later Jade receives the first of many love letters from her romantic paramour.

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