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The Queen of Valydd

Initial Brief

Serena Cargan, one of the Cargan representatives to the Council and known for being one of the more reasonable faces of the family, has put out a call for adventurers willing to do a service for the city of Acryn. Pay is 50 riel, with the possibility of bonuses. Absolute discretion about the nature of the mission is mandatory.

For those suitably in the know in either council matters or matters pertaining to House Cargan will be aware that the interests of both parties have been peaked by the recent discovery of a man claiming to be Edward Fitzsalic living rough on Acryn's docks and that this has caused concern for a variety of different groups.


Ricardo Reed - James G
Geoffry Weathers - Dave H


Ricardo and Geoffry meet Serena Cargan in the council offices and she claims to represent both the City Council and her own family. After being made to sign documents agreeing to their discretion in the matter on pain of high treason, the party are briefed. Serena explains that a man claiming to be Edward Fitzsalic, a descendent of an illegitimate line of House Salic, has been discovered living rough on Acryn's docks. As far as house Cargan is concerned his descriptions of his heritage appear to match the Cargan's geneaogical records, as so they believe he is telling the truth. What has raised the Council's conern is that he claims to have hailed from Valydd and if his timings can be trusted appears to arrived in Acryn after the Upheaval but long before the arrival of the Dragon Gate, suggesting there is some other means of travelling between the continents. The city is willing to offer 50 riel if the party can discover what this method is and either shut it down or gain control of it. Furthermore Edward has talked about a lover and infant child he had back on Valydd. With the exile lifted, House Cargan are keen to see those of Salic blood brought back to the city, and Serena offers an extra 30 riel for bringing the child back safely. She also grants them letters of introduction to the branch of House Cargan in Valydd, who will help them move safely about the city.

On the way out of the council offices the party encounter a shady figure, claiming to represent the Department of public works. He offers the party 40 riel to instead eliminate the child. The party unanimously agree that the extra 10 riel is not worth the ire of House Cargan. They go to visit Edward, who is being cared for by House Cargan and a priest of the Tender. He is frail from his time living rough but it is his mental state that is the greatest cause for concern. His babbles incoherently but the party are able to learn that he was on a boat trying to get back to Thys just after the Upheaval. The boat sank in the middle of the ocean and his as dragged aboard a pirate ship, who dumped him on Acryn's docks. He begs the party to bring his child back to him. Deducing that the answers they need must lie in Valydd, the party arrange to be taken through the Dragon Gate with the next trade delegation.

The party arrive in the embassy at Strossborg. The Acryn ambassador explains that Strossborg is at war with Valydd and so travel their is likely to be dangerous. House Cargan does however have a large presence in Valydd and appears to have remained in good terms with them. The Strossborg representative mentions that a god of Valydd called the Censor of Divinity has been trying to create a god of Trailblazers (their term for Wayfinders) and has taken a special interest in a woman going by the title of the Queen of Flowers. Strossborg is concerned about what this will mean for the war effort and would like the woman eliminated. The Acryn ambassador also reveals a trade delegation passed through some hours before them. Their papers were signed off by Faria Carver.

On the way to Valydd the party encounter various threats. The avoid a confrontation with some Valyddian soldiers by swearing on ther gods to uphold Valyddian customs and laws. They then fight some angered cultist of Lomek, who recognise them as citizens of Acryn and so seek vengence for the killing of their god. They fight the dreaded boar lizards, which are big fat lizards with plated heads and three horns, and some flux wizards. They also meet part of the trade delegation of Acryn, who appear very shifty, insisting the party shouldn't be interfering with matters. Geoffry takes their leader to one side, who explains that Faria Carver does not wish another potential heir to the throne brought back to Acryn and potentially dividing loyalties. Geoffry plays along and agrees to see what can be done about the Fitzsalic child and the party are allowed to go one their way.

Eventually they reach Valydd. Having chosen not to wear the local clothing provided by the Strossborg embassy they are given dirty looks by those who recognise them as Acryn citizens until they wave the papers proving them to be in the employ of House Cargan. They are greeted warmly by House Cargan, who do indeed have a substantial presence in Valydd. Enquiring about Edward they reveal he captained one of their ships before the Upheaval, which carried trade to and from the branch of the family on Thys. Shortly after the Upheaval his boat was lost at sea but there was one survivor, a man named Doros, who drinks at a pub called the Drunken Weasel. Asking about Edward's lover, they are able to tell them that her name was Servillia, the Queen of the Floating World. Prior to the Upheaval Valydd held an annual festival, called the Fesyival of the Floatng World, at which a King and Queen of the festival were elected. Servillia was the last Queen, having been chosen after giving a particularly beautiful speech about her dreams. As there has been no festival since the Upheaval her title hs stuck. They also know that the Censor of Divinity had some sort of interest in her and the party quickly conclude that she is the one the Censor is trying to make in to a Trailblazer god. They don't know where to find her but they claim that Edward met her at an establishment called the Jewel Box. The party also learn that the house are keen to get in touch with the branch back in Acryn and are delighted their exile has been lifted.

Deciding that Faria Carver might have sent her own assassins after the child, the party head to the Jewel Box first, which has become a refugee centre since the start of the war. There they are directed to a place in the slums, where the former propieter, a man styling himself the Jewel Smith, can be found. The Jewel Smith is an embittered man, who believe he should have been chosen to be the Trailblazer god. He has tried to spread his epithet but has failed to get on the path. He now runs a brothel, where he crafts prostitutes from the flux. The party ask him after the Queen of the Floating World and he brings forth a woman, who Ricardo can tell is crafted from the flux. When they ask for the real one, he grows angry and demands they pay him for his construct. He orders his creations to attack when they refuse to pay. Eventually he is subdued and convinced to tell them that Servillia has a house on the cliffside.

On the way to find her the party meet some priests of the Censor of Divinity. They are keen that the party take away the child, who they see as a distraction on her road to godhood. When they arrive at the house Servillia is under attack by a Leader Priest the party encountered earlier when they met the Acryn trade delegation and his companions. Geoffry in particular is enraged when the priest claims to be fighting in the name of the Queen of Acryn. The priest and his companions are defeated and after a brief discussion about whether they should be spared the party decide they are suitably disgusted with them and throw them off the cliff. Servillia is above everything keen to see Edward again and does not want to be separated from her child, Delores. She first asks them to bring Edward to her but they convince her he is unlikely to survive the trip and so she must go to him. She agrees that she will make a visit to Acryn with them.

The party decide that taking Servillia back through Strossborg would be unsafe and so decide to try and track down the pirate vessel. They follow up the lead at the Drunken Weasel, an Acryn expat bar run by a man claiming to go by the name Fitzblackthorn. They find Doros, who is quite clearly mad and appears to hear voices in his head, but is able to point them to a pirate cove where the pirates who rescued Edward when their ship sank can be found. He claims that when their vessel was destroyed that Edward signed up with the pirates, whilst he was left adrift on the sea for days clinging to the wreckage.

The party head to the cove, where they negotiate with the pirates, who are entirely flux (Ricardo speculates that their captain must be an anomaly). They convince the pirates to take themselves, Servillia and Delores back to Acryn in exchange for booty. When the party return to Servillia a woman who claims to be Ishild the censor of Divinity is present. The Censor is reluctant to let Servillia go but is happy to let them take Delores. Servillia will not let her child go without her. The party decide they can not take the child without a mother and a fight breaks out. They take down the Censor's physical form, although she does not appear to bleed, and her priests surrender.

The voyage back to Acryn is difficult and unpleasent. Ricardo and Servillia find it particularly distressing , as their wayfinding abilities are significantly reduced. They fight off giant squid and waves of jumping pirahna fish before they make it home. After dropping off Servillia and Delores at a safe spot they decide to try and capture the pirate captain. They lure him in to a trap by offering booty and subdue him.


The party hand over the pirate captain, Servillia and Delores to Serena Cargan. Ricardo offers his aid in making the captain compliant and suggests he be kept out of the hands of the Wayfinder's guild, which the Cargan are happy to comply with. This means that the Cargan now have access to a route back to Valydd. Although this is significantly slower and significantly more dangerous than using the Dragon Gate, it means that it will be possible to smuggle things using this route without it being signed off by the Council. In particular the Acryn branch of House Cargan will now be able to reestablish contact with their family in Valydd. Ricardo, in exchange for his services, will be able to have illicit goods smuggled using this route and he passes on this information to his more dubious contacts.

The party suggest that Servillia be urged to remain in Acryn indefinitely, which the Cargan's seem willing to do. Whilst Acryn's allies in Strossborg are not as happy with this as they would have been had she been more permenantly dealt with, they seem for now to be satisfied. There are rumours that some members of the council are uncomfortable with having a oto-god loyal to Valydd in the city but they are unable to act whilst she is under the protection of House Cargan.

Geoffry informs Serena of Faria Carver's actions, although unfortunately there is no proof. He later learns she brought this to Duchess Vicionia Cargan but that the Duchess in her naivety was simply unwilling to believe Faria would stoop so low. However a number of other members of the family, in particular those who were already questioning Faria's degree of influence over the Duchess, seem to have been angered by this, stating that Faria Carver has gone to far this time and ought to be dealt with. For now though, nothing is done about her. Geoffry reassures himself through his royalist contacts that now she is in Acryn and under the protection of House Cargan it will be far more difficult for Faria to do anything to Delores. Should the Fitzsalic line ever be legitimised then they are close enough to the Salic bloodline that Delores might have a claim to the throne when she comes of age. Edward is however likely too permenantly mentally damaged to be able to bring a claim.

Serena is pleased with both the party members and since they have gone above and beyond their mission pays them an additional 20 riel.



  • 100 Riel
  • The good graces of House Cargan
  • Access to a route to Valydd for purposes of smuggling nefarious goods
  • A treasure map leading to the Pirate King's booty
  • Favouritism of the Queen of the Floating World, should he wish it


  • 100 Riel
  • The continued good graces of House Cargan
  • Favouritism of the Queen of the Floating World, should he wish it

Favour of the Queen of the Floating World

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