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The Chosen One

Initial Brief

Merchants travelling back from southern coastal villages are passing on a request for help from the village of Soleado Valle, deep in the flux. The village are concerned that some great cataclysm is happening, the merchants have promised to act as intermediaries to hire adventurers on the villages behalf.



The party head off towards the location of the village they have been given. After some travelling they run into what appears to be a group of bandits too beaten up to even consider attacking the party. After providing some medical aid, the party head off, running into the very flux-bandits who beat up the previous bandits. Then, to add insult to injury, the previous bandits attempted to finish them off while they were injured. This led to a great deal of heated discussion as to what would happen to these bandits and whether execution was appropriate, eventually they were allowed to live, but with the rather ominous nooses left around their necks.

Closer to their destination, the party run into a village which has heard of their destination, telling numerous stories of the various apocalypse the village apparently fears. The party press on, through claw-fiend infested flux, before finding an abandoned consensus village. The wayfinder confirms that this is the closest patch of consensus to their destination, although it is apparent that this is not the village which arranged for the party’s help. Discussion with the few people in the abandoned village establish that they don’t know why or how a patch of consensus is abandoned like this, but are quite keen to usher the party on incase they decide to dispute the claim to the area. Before the party leave they investigate the crater at the center of the village, which for reasons no-one can fathom feels like it has hints of something a bit like magic, but not magic; and something a bit like divinity, but not divinity.

Shortly after this, the party find their destination, a flux village. The villagers are happy to have help with their apocalypse, although there is some confusion as to how the party found them. As the party join them for food, they discuss the nature of the world, and its slow progression into stasis.

Whilst the players largely agree that they should do *something* to help the villagers with thier impending apocalypse they find themselves largely at a loss as to what they could do without leaving which is a step to all their plans the villagers seem highly uncomfortable with. As the party begin to gather to discuss what to do out of earshot of the villagers, this is interpreted as the party trying to leave and between a shocking assault of magic from members of the Dines family paired with a lack of willingness from the party to fight back against what had seemed like reasonable folk the party are largely beaten and transferred to a storage building.

That evening whilst the party are recovering Bianca Lawson sneaks into the building to talk to them more. (unknown conversation happens) and Bianca starts to become increasingly distraught, it is at this point that the world begins to break. Beset by seemingly endless approaches of incomprehensible horrors the party flee, accompanied by Bianca. As they flee from the epicentre of the apocalypse the party find that great lizards are rising up, one turns a little of its attention to the party. Once placated by the tender and minorly scraped by the party's weapons the great beast turns away, losing interest. Soon the party find themselves in a landscape wracked by calamities as spells are flung between great wizard towers, low importance minions of the great wizards confront them for their non-magery.

Finally they come across a Great Villain that has mind controlled the rest of the population of Soleado Vale. With its defeat and the careful preservation of the lives of Bianca's family she is convinced to temporarily leave them as they relocate to the stabilised flux settlement. On their return to the city the party decide to take her to the wayfinder's guild to help find a solution to her problem, who promptly thank them for the delivery of an anomoly and offer a reduced but generous payment for her delivery. Marlo absolutely refuses the payment and attempts to liberate her from the wayfinder's guild, the watch informs him in no uncertain terms the legality of the guild's aquisition. He then arranges with his aunt Gita for her to take Bianca into custody.

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