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Across the Bluepeak mountains lies Caul, industrial powerhouse. Acryn has the edge in the latest scholarly designs, but Caul has a clear advantage in the infrastructure to get it produced in quantities of thousands, and the bounteous mines of the southern Bluepeaks to provide the materials. In years past (less enlightened times, some like to say) the two cities made frequent attempts at war, but these generally proved abortive due to the logistical difficulties of fighting across a mountainous border. Nowadays the rulers of both laugh off their history even as they sign trade deals, but the common people of both maintain some animosity and suspicion. However, it’s undeniable that peace has been better for both than war, and belligerent elements have been in the minority for the past decade.

The connectedness of its mines and peripheries have given Caul perhaps the best access to industrial materials and production of the continental powers post-Upheaval. There has also been an upswing in what was previously a minority religion - that of the Lord of the Rock, patron of hard work and industry. Before the upheaval, much like in Liarus and Margush, this and other local cults counted perhaps 15% of the population as followers. Now the message of hard work as key to survival rings all the truer, and closer to 40% attend gatherings and services.


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