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Clockwork Memories

Initial Brief

The Clockmaker's Guild seeks the aid of capable adventurers to retrieve a malfunctioning Unit that has gone missing in violation of its programming. Interested parties are to report to their representative Felicia Jones.



The party visit the Tender Church, where they find that Unit 05 stole a rose from the First and Least’s grave before fleeing in the direction of the warehouse district. The priest also mentions that Unit 05 may have been searching for a goblet, which is an artefact of the Tender. In the warehouse district the party meet Rupus Regio and Mister Scampers, who are dealing with an incursion by servants of Tuireann, and a shopkeeper, who saw the clockwork golem talk with a woman wreathed in green fire. She overheard the woman tell the golem that it would find what it was looking for in the forest to the west.

On their journey in to the forest the party meet several others with an interest in the goblet including a group led by Jocelyn Cargan and people who claim to be part of the tender cult. Relations between the party sour when Nice Lizard appears to side with entities of Tuireann against them. When the party find Unit 05 it reveals that a woman’s voice asked it to retrieve the goblet when it took the rose. It is in love with Felicia Jones and in return for returning the goblet to the church was offered the opportunity to brew a potion in it that would make it human so it could woo Felicia.


The party return the goblet to the Tender Church, allowing Jocelyn to take the credit. Unit 05 brews the potion in it as Hadyn observes, which turns it in to a human woman. The party then, as technically was their agreement, return the now human Unit 05 to Felicia Jones. Felicia is panicked by the implications and goes to speak to her superiors. Some time later the party receive a non-disclosure agreement from the Clockmaker’s Guild, asking them to keep quiet about Unit 05. Aaron and Vulcan sign and in exchange are paid 30 Riel.

Simon blackmails the Guild for more money. He then breaks the agreement by sending Theophilius Cargan everything he has learned about Unit 05. The Guild turn their ire towards him upon learning he has done this. Simon also inform the Civil Service about everything that has happened, including Nice’s behaviour.

Hadyn informs the Circle of the Broken Wing about what has happened. He also checks in on Unit 05 to find she is keeping quiet about what has happened in exchange for being allowed to live peacefully. She hopes to try to have a relationship with Felicia. He then receives an invitation to visit Nice Lizard, which he accepts. Consequences of this still to be determined.

Aaron visits the Warrior Church and tells them about Nice. They suggest he talk to Senta Fernbach. Senta is also informed of her ward’s actions. Aaron also agrees to work for Jocelyn as a bodyguard.

It is now widely rumoured that Clockwork golems might be able to become human, which has serious implications. Official line from the Guild is that Unit 05 is a special case.



60 Riel from Jocelyn


An encounter with the Evil Eye. Consequences to be resolved.


  • An additional 30 R
  • Inner Circle Jocelyn Cargan, may build upon this to gain affiliation: Cargan by doing suitable favours for her.


  • An additional 30 R


  • An additional 30 R
  • Hated by the Clockmakers Guild and currently being sued by their legal team, which should have IC consequences when appropriate.
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