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Simone L'Étincelle


Simone is a skinny Lasran girl who spent much of her earlier life foraging and setting traps in the woods around her family's home. She became more involved with the Temple of the Radiant Dawn as she grew up and grew curious. After years spent praying and contemplating, a second adolescent conpulsion overtook her and she left to find Adventure in the Wider World. She hasn't quite yet clarified what she means by Adventure or the Wider World, but she has ended up in Acryn with threadbare clothes, calloused hands and an empty purse, so that must count for something.

She has fine frizzy dark hair which she wrestles into braids.

As of Debt of Bones, she has Found Adventure and found that she largely deals with distressing situations by screaming. She has found that a Distressing Situation is being reduced to her bare bones. She is now undead and sleeps in a locked room to stop her skeleton from popping out of her and causing mischief.

As of Dissonance, she discovered that a characteristic of being Undead involves hungering for human flesh. After a binge on a downed wizard duellist - a sight gruesome enough to make Vermillion Magnifico break through a brick wall to escape - she has rid herself of her Undead quirk by participating in a wounding ritual performed by Archdean Rath of the College of the Stars' Department of Inadvisable Experimentation. This may have been inadvisable. She is no longer Undead and has swapped her hunger for flesh for an addiction to mana.

As of The Phantom of the Theatre, she has discovered that swallowing raw mouthfuls of mana crystal is painful.


Class: Wayfinder

Background: Divine Favour of Shatu, the Radiant Dawn


  • Find the Path
  • Choose the Path
  • Inertial Barrier
  • Know the Flux's Touch
  • Repair the Form
  • Lash out
  • Flux Shaping - Items
  • Patch the Cracks
  • Concealed Arts
  • Shake Reality's Fetters
  • Concussive Bolts

Miracles of Shatu, the Radiant Dawn

  • Burning Gaze
  • Divine Aura
  • Truth Revealed
  • Solar Beam

Miracles of Rowan Darrish, the Well Meaning

  • Share Your Pain
  • Divine Aura

Fortunes and misfortunes

  • Mana Addiction: You have begun hungering for that which makes mages tick: mana. You have a constant roleplaying effect to hunger for mana (crystalline, channeled through spells, or any other). For one encounter per adventure with mana present, at GM discretion, this hunger will become insatiable until you can sate your hunger for mana through either trying to consume mana crystals, mana stored in an implement, or by being the subject of a ritual. For that encounter, you are also able to detect mana like a mage.
  • Member of Silvio's flock
  • Her skeleton attempts to burst out of her body at night and scamper off to do the Ivory Prince's bidding. Following Archdean Rath's generous intervention, her skeleton still attempts to do this, but due to improved connection between her body and her soul, her skeleton now simply takes the rest of her body with it.
  • Favour of the Rowan Darrish, the Well-Meaning

Worldly Goods

  • The Ivory Prince's Sword of Blood: The hilt extrudes grasping bone claws, both paining (TRIPLE THROUGH) and strengthening the wielder.
  • 30 Riel + Profit from The Phantom of the Theatre
  • 4 x Plug the Flow of Life

Current idols

Current charity cases


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