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Brother Miller


In his youth Brother Miller used to run with the street gangs of Acryn, thieving and robbing without thought for the harm done to others. However he made the mistake of attempting to mug a priest of the warrior, and after a whooping the priest saw a glimmer of promise in the boy and dragged him off to the countryside to drill some discipline into him.

Now a sworn protector of one of Acryn's havens, the Warrior Church has encouraged Brother Miller to lend his arm to those in need further afield, honouring the Warrior by testing his skills against more worthy foes.

A recent encounter with the immortal crimelord 'Two-knives' Altieri has left the young warrior scarred, physically, mentally and spiritually. The psychopath's twin bladed crest is emblazoned on Brother Miller's chest, and upon his soul, a permanent reminder of his utter defeat at the hands of the unaging killer. A further taunting scar was removed by hacking his left hand off. Needless to say, the acolyte has sworn to get his revenge and to recover the sacred relics of the Founders stolen from his care.


Class: Skirmisher

Background #1: Divine Favour of the Warrior

Combat Path: Holy Crusader


  • Relationship with the Church
  • Indoctrination
  • Blessed Weapon
  • Blessed Warrior: Face Me!
  • Miraculous Power: Warrior's Stamina
  • Miraculous Power: Mighty Blow
  • Miraculous Power: Never Unarmed
  • Use Dagger
  • Dagger Mastery
  • Dagger Talent 1
  • Dagger Mastery 2
  • Dagger Talent 2
  • Dagger Supremacy
  • One with your Dagger
  • Main Gauche Swiftness
  • Larceny
  • Flanking
  • Use Bastard weapon
  • Bastard weapon Talent
  • Improved Agility
  • Tough
  • Survivalist
  • Using the Land
  • Master Survivalist
  • Guide
  • Edificier

True Face of the Warrior

  • Particularly Favoured: Warrior's Stamina
  • True Name of the Warrior aka “Hey Lynndis, check this out!”
  • Passion

Burning Soul

  • Ethereal Presence

Colossus of Battle


  • 7+3
  • 7x REND, 2x Weaken (Survival 1 Entangle)
  • 2 DODGE (Survival 1 + 1 PARTY) 3 per Adventure Reflection, STRENGTHEN wearing Blessed Armour
  • 2x 10sec Agility


  • Bastard Sword
  • Light Armour
  • Superior Light Armour
  • 2x Superior Dagger
  • 1x Mastercrafted Dagger (Enchanted with 2 Rends left)
  • Superior prosthetic hand now integrated with body
  • 2 Daggers
  • 1x Restoration of the Flesh
  • 6x Plug the Flow (Heal 0)
  • 1x Leeching Touch
  • 1x Nightsight
  • 3x Revenant
  • Mutilated left hand
  • A crate full of shaped charge explosives
  • A full set of camping gear
  • A pile of Serradic small change
  • 1 Mana crystal
  • Fine pelt from a mountain lion
  • Sword hilt representing the Warrior's strength
  • Blade made from the molten form of a volcano spirit, cooled and killed by Miller's blood
  • Totally bitchin' tattoo.
  • 9R

Divine Tattoo: the ink within his tattoo seems to have been infused with either the Warrior's own will, or at least been influenced by his experiences with the dream of the Warrior. At minimum, a sword on his arm will tend to point him towards the nearest fight. A GM may choose to deliver information relevant to the Warrior via the tattoo. During 1 encounter where he is particularly in tune with the spirit of the Warrior he gains 2 uses of Agility. If he should ever be slain, his body will rise up with flaming hair and finish his fight (this refreshes all encounter and adventure abilities).

Champion of the Lady

  • If the champion ever loses a single combat they will lose this quirk as it transfers to their opponent.
  • Whilst in the flux the Champion is strengthened and may not be weakened.
  • The Queen may occasionally, at most once per adventure, summon her champion to fight a duel for her. Mechanically the GM may if they wish have say the character is summoned out of any connected flux encounter. They will then be absent for that encounter as they instead fight the latest challenger to show up at the court. If they ever lose this they will be stripped of their status and returned from where they were taken in disgrace.
  • If it ever becomes relevant they hold high status in the court.

Income: 9R


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