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The Exchange

Initial Brief

Troubleshooters wanted to assist with sensitive transaction. Interested parties should meet at the Western gate on the 13th day at 12pm- you will then be guided to meet the client. Applicants should be:

  • Willing to travel
  • Skilled in self-preservation
  • Willing to accept temporary alterations to their body.
  • Discreet

Compensation will be generous



The Party brave the dangers of the Blood Forest to reach the hive of the Green Mantoi where they are employed to carry Dara Elm's eggs to Strossbourg, where a Professor from the school of Unification has agreed to fertilise them.

In Strossbourg they find that Professor Ruger has not yet returned from a field trip and are forced to trek across the countryside battling bugs and raiders, before rescuing the academic from enslavement to a crippled Spider Anomaly. The liberated Ruger conducts a ritual with all present contributing their vital essences to the process- the strength of the party overcomes some mystic barrier that was enforcing the Mantoi's sterility. Conroy exchanges his sac of eggs with a happy Ruger and with guts full of fertilised eggs/cheap liqour they head homewards.

Reaching Strossbourg they find that the city has been quarantined due to a mysterious plague. Uncertain of when their eggs will start hatching, the party resolve to handle the plague themselves, with the assistance of a purification alchemist who supplies them with enough Purging potion to venture more safely into the quarantine zone. Using watch contacts and detective work Conroy determines a likely point of origin for the sickness, and bribing some corrupt guards they are allowed inside. After dealing with some unfortunate plague zombies they find the Valyddi godling responsible and after some ethical agonising (and a bit of a chase) dispatch the rotter. The divine plague cured they get the first ship back through the Gate to Acryn

Heading back to the Hive they are beset by a group of Grey Cloak mercenaries who apparently have been hired to secure an egg sample for a mysterious employer. There is a spot of violence, but after the bolshiest merc is put down they are able to convince the rest to let them on their way. Returning to the Hive however they detect something wrong with the play of light through the tunnels and reaching Dara she reveals that something appears to be attacking them from deep below. She encourages the group to flee with the eggs and meet up with the Tender priest who will safely remove the baby mantoi, but the party opts to stay and fight, defending their employer as shadowy tendrils pour into the chamber from the encroaching darkness. The party successfully hold back the shadows long enough for Dara to open a shaft to the surface. As daylight streams in the shadows melt away and this chamber appears to be secured. With Verro's engineering assistance Dara opens more shafts throughout the hive and soon enough the shadows are driven back into the depths below. The Tender priest returns and transfers the fertilised eggs from the adventurers back into the Mantoi Queen. Grateful for their assistance the Mantoi pay the adventurers everything promised and they spend an evening discussing good locations for future hives before setting out back to Acryn in the morning.

Aethyr stashes his icon of the Warmother in his cabinet of Valyddi items, whilst Verro sends a letter home letting them know of his adventure and alchemical discoveries. Those with contacts in Strossbourg reach out tentative feelers and find that their actions clearing up the plague have left them in fairly good standing, and Conroy reminds his liason in their Guard that he owes him one. Ozymandias spends his monies in acts of charity, attracting crowds (and concerned Watch officers) to hear his sermons on the love of the Dragons.


  • 81R
  • Access to Organisational Ties: Mantoi LVL22
  • Access to Path of Purification
  • 81R
  • Access to Organisational Ties: Mantoi LVL2
  • Access to Path of Purification
  • 81R
  • Access to Organisational Ties: Mantoi LVL2
  • The attention of the Watch as a possible lunatic Dragon Cultist
  • 81R
  • Access to Organisational Ties: Mantoi LVL2
  • Quirk - Favour Owed: Strossbourg Watch

Epic Trees & Quirks

Favour Owed

An important individual or Organisation owes you a substantial favour. You may remove this Quirk to have them resolve an appropriate issue for you.

Path of Purification

Level 4

Bodily Purification

Through diligent study and introspection you have perfected a strict regimen that promotes exceptional health and permits no corruption to fester within your body.

You gain 3 RESIST WEAKEN calls per Encounter

Between encounters you may cleanse yourself of any effect that has caused the degradation, mutation or infestation of your physical body.

Advanced Mix Potion

You know how to mix one of the advanced Purification potions. These count as class A potions for the purposes of determining how many you can create per an adventure.

Level 5

Purification of Reality The alchemist perceives how the world around them has been degraded from its true form and set about its restoration. Once per Adventure you may restore an object or unsouled creature to its natural peak condition. Normally this is automatic, but when dealing with potent malign influences the GM may require a combat encounter to represent the difficulty of the task.

Alternatively the alchemist can just use this to create extremely valuable purified reagents giving them an additional 40 Riel income an adventure if they don't use this ability any other way.

Purification of the Soul

You have reached the pinnacle of the alchemist's art and understand the very nature of the soul. Using this skill in conjunction with Alchemical Manipulation allows you to effect purification on your own soul and those of others.

You can actively see peoples souls and interact with them in a physical manner if you wish. This will greatly with the creation of artifact potions which attempt to alter the soul.

Once per an adventure, you gain the ability to create a new consciousness. This requires a body to hold it if it’s going to be much use - a consciousness created outside a body will quickly dissipate. The created consciousness will initially be well disposed towards you, but your actions are likely to shape how it reacts to you in the long term.

Purification Potions


A Purging potion removes corruptive influences such as poisons and disease from the drinker. It can also reverse changes to the body caused by supernatural sources, so long as they are not too potent or extensive: such a cleansing is physically taxing and can even prove fatal.

Advanced Application: The alchemist can mitigate the negative effects of a Purging allowing for the treatment of more potent supernatural maladies.


The user declares a task and then inhales the fumes of the Focus potion whilst the intent is fresh in their mind. For the rest of the encounter they can perform the chosen task without any sort of mental distraction, calling IMMUNE to FEAR, ENRAGE, MESMERISE or DOMINATE. As a roleplaying effect those under the influence of a Focus potion find it hard to react to changes in their circumstances that don't immediately impact their task.

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