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Initial Brief

The Cataclysm was the beginning.
The Gods have fallen.
The world is heading towards Stasis.
What are we to do, when faced with such an end?
We must approach a solution together.
A Godsmoot is called.
Let us decide the fate of the world together.

Gods, young Gods, priests, and those with a strong connection to the Divine and/or with a strong investment in what is to become of the world are invited to a secret location to discuss their plans.



Major Emerging Plans To Deal With Stasis

Hide in a Dragon

  • Proposed by Jimmy Hoskins, the plan involves as much of humanity as possible hiding in friendly dragons with adequate provisions, triggering the destruction of the world, and then allowing the dragons to rebuild a new existence. Once the new world is created, humanity steps out of the dragons and lives in the new reality.
  • Prevailing opinion is that the population of Acryn should hide primarily in Triskelion.
  • This plan is popular.

The Dines Method

  • Whisperings at the Godsmoot suggested the possibility that Frederick Dines was not so misguided after all, and that, with a majority of the dragons now friendly, his plan might once more be attempted to save us all from Stasis.
  • There are some major obstacles with this plan, however. No-one seems to be willing to publicly champion this cause. No-one seems to completely understand quite how the plan could be effected again, as the people with the necessary skills are missing. Additionally, there are those who do not like the idea of gods being eliminated from a future reality.
  • This plan is unpopular.

Armand's Solution

  • At the meeting, The Revolution proposed a solution. Though at this stage mostly an outline, his suggestion was to create a new dragon, and then create a new world inside this dragon for humanity to inhabit.
  • The major obstacles with this plan is that Armand needed more time to work out the fine details, something which Armand and his allies pledged themselves to resolve.
  • This plan is contentious, gaining support amongst the Wayfinder's Guild and Armand's allies, but opposed elsewhere as a reckless idea that could create enough Stasis to stop one of the other plans from working.

Character Outcomes

The Warrior

  • Makes provisions for her imminent plan to win Tuireann to the side of humanity.
  • Gains the support of the Traitor and Strossbourg in this endeavour.
  • The rest of these provisions will form part of the pre-brief for the Last Stand player request.

Rashida Worrn

  • On questioning the wayfinders' guild, discovers that the anti-stasis entity being researched is now in the hands of Ghita Darrish.

The Arcane Arbiter

  • Successfully researches the nature of divinity and what Dines did (to be sent privately).


  • Communes with Beshihara. They agree that the world needs to be saved from Stasis, but favours the plan proposed by Hoskins out of those described. Then again, so long as the world is destroyed and remade, it doesn't actually matter if most of humanity is destroyed. That's the primary take-home message.


  • Regrettably, cannot find anything to do with Dines' notes, workshop, tools &c. All of these have been comprehensively destroyed or utterly lost. All of Dines' companions are dead.
  • Is able to find a woman who claimed to be a consort of Dines, now sick and dying. She agrees to give Thorn a scarf he bought for her as a memento.


  • Is able to discern that 'Cut the Thread' will not affect Clem especially adversely - although she'll need a chisel, rather than a knife.


  • Supports the 'Hide' plan, as well as suggesting Acryn should use Triskelion as their 'primary' dragon.


  • Does a large amount of research into their proposed plan.
  • Most of this will form part of the pre-briefing for Where are your Gods Now? - crucially, it seems as though the plan to create a new dragon seems to be impossible, and that the rest of the plan seems like it will need some kind of existing dragon involved.
  • Is able to get a message to the Traitor with The Warrior's help. The Traitor fundamentally disagrees that the gods are indispensable for society's progress, and will not be offering her help with Armand's endeavour.
  • It is unclear, however, if she will actively oppose it.


  • Batts the Undying is able to tell Clem that he knows of two mages who know the lost rite of Unification - Evan, and Paige. They are the best chance of her learning more.


  • Investigates the possibility of freeing the Thunderer from Stasis by increasing the power of his followers.
  • It slowly becomes clear that this has the opposite effect of what she wants. It seems that this whole 'Thunderer beat Stasis by awesome' may be a case of wild exaggeration.
  • However, after studying the problem further it looks like throwing a few permanent destabilisations at the problem would free the Thunderer at the expense of some pure potential where the destabilises didn't overlap with the Stasis.


  • Investigates the possibility of escaping the Stasis by flying into the sky, outside the dragons, with the Builder. TBC.


  • Isolates himself to conduct the research he described. (OC: I assume you know what information this returns, ask the LARPO in case of needing more details).
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