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Initial Brief

The Cataclysm was the beginning.
The Gods have fallen.
The world is heading towards Stasis.
What are we to do, when faced with such an end?
We must approach a solution together.
A Godsmoot is called.
Let us decide the fate of the world together.

Gods, young Gods, priests, and those with a strong connection to the Divine and/or with a strong investment in what is to become of the world are invited to a secret location to discuss their plans.



Major Emerging Plans To Deal With Stasis

Hide in a Dragon

  • Proposed by Jimmy Hoskins, the plan involves as much of humanity as possible hiding in friendly dragons with adequate provisions, triggering the destruction of the world, and then allowing the dragons to rebuild a new existence. Once the new world is created, humanity steps out of the dragons and live in the new reality.
  • Prevailing opinion is that the population of Acryn should hide primarily in Triskelion.
  • This plan is popular.

The Dines Method

  • Whisperings at the Godsmoot suggested the possibility that Frederick Dines was not so misguided after all, and that, with a majority of the dragons now friendly, his plan might once more be attempted to save us all from Stasis.
  • There are some major obstacles with this plan, however. No-one seems to be willing to publicly champion this cause. No-one seems to completely understand quite how the plan could be effected again, as the people with the necessary skills are missing. Additionally, there are those who do not like the idea of gods being eliminated from a future reality.
  • This plan is unpopular.

Armand's Solution

  • At the meeting, The Revolution proposed a solution. Though at this stage mostly an outline, his suggestion was to create a new dragon, and then create a new world inside this dragon for humanity to inhabit.
  • The major obstacles with this plan is that it needed more time to work out the fine details, something which Armand and his allies pledged themselves to resolve.
  • This plan is contentious, gaining support amongst the Wayfinder's Guild and Armand's allies, but opposed elsewhere as a reckless idea that could create enough Stasis to stop one of the other plans from working.

Character Outcomes

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